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To all of my faithful listeners and to all of the new listeners coming aboard here is a summary of what to expect from the Ronnie McMullen Show.  I have been on air for over ten years and now have been given the opportunity to be on the Talk Radio Network, airing on over 40 stations.  My gifts lie in exposing truth.  For those of you out there that want what is called, "the naked truth", this show is for  you.  For those of you that are just wanting partial truth, or can't accept the sharpness of "real truth", you will struggle with my show.  I am not a religious man, but a deeply convicted spiritual man.  There is more out there than what meets the naked eye.  We are living in a type of "hybrid theater".  In this theater we play our part, we don't rock the boat, and we get along okay.  How many of you are okay with "okay"?  This is the sect of people that I reach.  The people that listen to my show want THE TRUTH.  Yes, I am a life coach.  Yes I have counseled many, many, many people.  But my quest has now begun with collective consciousness.  I started years ago with the writings of a Doctor that dated in the turn of the century.  He was a spiritual man that believed in a higher power, a God, but did not believe in the religious paradox that people get trapped in.  He was a Doctor that believed in healing, but not just by the power of prayer, but also by the power of mind, heart and thought.  What we imagine can come to pass.  If we believe that we are about ready to get into a car accident, chances are that this will come to pass.  Fear brings fear.  Anger brings anger.  Love brings love. Let me ask you a few simple questions:  Have you, in modern day, ever felt so disappointed in our political leaders who run our country?  Has the word corrupt ever crossed your mind in these thoughts?  Have the words, "government control" ever crossed your mind? They have mine.  I am not against government at all, in any way, shape or form.  But, I am against corruption.  I am against dictatorship.  And I truly am against LIES.  One of the biggest lies that can happen in our life is the lie we tell ourself.  When all lies are cleared out of us, we can move forward in clearing out the lies of others.  Intuition plays a huge part in moving forward.  My show will bring you information so that your life will move forward.  You will hear things you don't normally hear.  You will hear new perspectives.  And you will hear love.  I'm not afraid to love others.  This world is not about power, fame and money.  The theater is.  But for those that want to cut away from this false reality. . . . buckle up. America is slowly waking up.  But we must be responsible for getting out of bed.  If you notice, many of the major talk show hosts, talk about the same subject on the same day with the same opinion.  There is a corporate hold and payoff to media mouthpieces.  Alternative media is possibly the answer to end our sleeping habits.  If you want to hear about a TRUE GOD and real events and different perspectives, the Ronnie McMullen Show is for you.  If we do not enter the spiritual door, we will be without a weapon to infiltrate the true enemy.  Most would believe that a weapon would be categorized as something to kill someone.  Spiritual weaponry is about knowing what the enemy's going to do before they do it.  To avert an opposition is true power.  No violence, but true leadership.  Violence breeds violence.  And truth breeds peace.  The peaceful warrior can carry his spiritual weaponry and annihilate the enemy through confusion and through the unseen.  The enemy can never see the unseen.  He is without eyes to see.  He is without ears to hear.  He is smart, but not smart enough.  Join me if you will to learn how to put on your warrior goggles.  The light sabre seen in "Star Wars" might be more real than you think.  Once we rid ourselves of the illusion, we begin to walk in the "knowing".  Join me on Saturday nights and Sunday nights on the Talk Radio Network.  You can also join me on my podcast at: www.ronniemcmullen.podomatic.com.    God speed to you.    
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